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We operate a 24 hour caring service and are able to repatriate internationally to and from specified locations across the world. All relevant paperwork is taken care of and where doctors require payment, this can also be arranged on your behalf. 
When you lose a loved one, it is one of the most traumatic events in our lives, especially when it happens in a place away from home. We understand the need of assisting family members during a time of loss. We are there in times of need.
We assist with all the legal documentation (required by law) to make the necessary funeral arrangements.
If you have sadly lost a loved one in death but would like their final resting place to be somewhere abroad, we can help you to arrange this.
We specialize in repatriation services; it is a service where we arrange global transportation of the remains of the deceased body or ashes back home nationally and internationally.
Feel free to contact us for a free and no obligation conversation where your needs can be confidentially discussed.